FHHS/JHBS John C. Burnham Early Career Award

History of the John C. Burnham Early Career Award

2021 Prize: Luis Fernando Bernardi Junqueira, “A Science for the Spirit: Popular Culture and the Early Popularization of Psychical Research in China, 1900-1920” Citation

2020 Prize: Rosanna Dent, “Bureaucratic Vulnerability: Possession, Sovereignty, and Relationality in Brazilian Research Regulation” Citation

2019 Prize: Jaipreet Virdi, “Measuring and Conserving Hearing: Early Audiology & the Fitting of Hearing Aids” Citation

2018 Prize: Michael Rossi. “Inventing ‘Neuroscience’: Behavior, Materialism, and Spirituality at the Neurosciences Research Program at MIT, 1958-1965” Citation

2017 Prize: Joanna Radin, “Rescaling Colonial Life From the Indigenous to the Alien: The Late 20th Century Search for Human Biological Futures” Citation

2015 Prize: Katja Guenther, “Monkeys, Mirrors and Me: Gordon Gallup and the Study of Self-Recognition” Citation

2014 Prize: Susan Lamb, “Residual Effects and Early Manifestations: Intersections of Neurasthenia and Subconscious Conflict as Explanatory Models for Functional Disorders in Pre-war America” Citation

2013 Prize: Peter Sachs Collopy, “Race Relationships: Collegiality and Demarcation in Physical Anthropology” Citation

2012 Prize: Chris Renwick , “Evolution, Mind, and Society: L.T. Hobhouse’s Spencerian Philosophy and Social Science” Citation

2011 Prize: Cecilia Watson, “Drawing from Life: The Influence of John La Farge’s Theory of Art on William James’s Psychology” Citation

2010 Prize: Laura Stark (Wesleyan University), “The Science of Ethics: Deception, the Resilient Self, and the APA Code of Ethics, 1966-1973” Citation

2009 Prize: Stéphanie Dupouy (École Normale Supérieure, Paris), “Darwin, Observer of Expressions” Citation

2008 Prize: Perrin Selcer (University of Pennsylvania), “The View from Everywhere: Disciplining Diversity in post-WWII International Social Science” Citation

2007 Prize: Howard Hsueh-Hao Chiang, “Effecting Science, Affecting Medicine: Homosexuality, the Kinsey Reports, and the Contested Boundaries of Psychopathology in the United States, 1948-1965” Citation

2006 Prize: Michael John Pettit, “The Unwary Purchaser: Consumer Psychology and the Regulation of Commerce in Modern America” Citation

2005 Prize: Courtenay Raia, “Ether Theories and Ether Theologies: Mind, Matter and Meaning in the Late Victorian Physics of Sir Oliver Lodge” Citation

2005 Honorable Mention: Jamie Cohen-Cole, “Making Minds and Social Relations for a Democratic America: The Politics of Thinking” Citation

2004 Prize: Sarah E. Igo, “Roper, Gallup, and the ‘Man in the Street’: Producing the Public Through the Polls, 1936-1953” Citation

2003 Prize: No prize awarded

2002 Prize: Deborah F. Weinstein, for “Culture at Work: Family Therapy and the Culture Concept in Postwar America” Citation