New and Noteworthy Books in the History of the Human Sciences

Kenneth Clark’s famous “doll tests” shocked the nation in the 1950s when he was able to demonstrate that when given a choice, Black children preferred white dolls to black dolls. Few remember that these tests were performed within the context … Continue reading

Constructing Scientific Psychology is the first full-scale interpretation of the life and work of the major American neuropsychologist Karl Lashley. It sets Lashley’s research at the heart of two controversies that polarized the American life and human sciences in the … Continue reading

Richard Weikart is the winner of the 1996 FHHS Dissertation Award. This important new study is an intellectual history exploring the reception of Darwinism by prominent German socialist theorists: Karl Marx, Friedrich Engles, Friedrich Albert Lange, Ludwig BŸchner, August Bebel, … Continue reading