FHHS Article Prize

2019 Prize: Isaiah Lorado Wilner, “Transformation Masks: Recollecting the Indigenous Origins of Global Consciousness,” in Ned Blackhawk and Isaiah Lorado Wilner, eds., Indigenous Visions: Rediscovering the World of Franz Boas (Yale University Press, 2018). Citation

2019 Honorable mention: Alexandra Rutherford, “Surveying Rape: Feminist Social Science and the Ontological Politics of Sexual Assault,“ History of the Human Sciences (2017):100-123. Citation

2017 Prize: Alicia Puglionesi, “Drawing as Instrument, Drawing as Evidence: Capturing Mental Processes with Pencil and Paper,” Medical History 60 (2016):359-387. Citation

2015 Article Prize: Karin Alejandra Rosemblatt, “Modernization, Dependency, and the Global in Mexican Critiques of Anthropology,” Journal of Global History 9 (2014):94-121. Citation

2013 Prize: Erik Linstrum, “The Politics of Psychology in the British Empire, 1898-1960,” Past and Present no. 215 (2012):195-233. Citation

2011 Prize: Jamie Cohen-Cole, “The Creative American: Cold War Salons, Social Science, and the Cure for Modern Society,” Isis 100 (2009):219-262. Citation

2009 Prize: Kasper Risbjerg Eskildsen, “Leopold Ranke’s Archival Turn: Location and Evidence in Modern Historiography,” Modern Intellectual History 5 (2008):425-453.

2007 Prize: Jeff Pooley, “Fifteen Pages that Shook the Field: Personal Influence, Edward Shils and the Remembered History of Mass Communication Research,”The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences 608 (2006):130-156. Citation

2005 Prize was jointly awarded. It went to:
Philippe Fontaine, “Blood, Politics, and Social Science: Richard Titmuss and the Institute of Economic Affairs, 1957-1973,” Isis 93 (2002):401-434. Citation

Mark Solovey, “Riding Natural Scientists’ Coattails onto the Endless Frontier: The SSRC and the Quest for Scientific Legitimacy,” Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences 40 (2004):393-422. Citation

2003 Prize: John Carson, “Differentiating a Republican Citizenry: Talents, Human Science, and Enlightenment Theories of Governance,” Osiris 17 (2002). Citation

2001 Prize: Jorge Canizares Esguerra, “New World, New Stars: Patriotic Astrology and the Invention of Spanish and Creole Bodies in Colonial Spanish America, 1600-1650,” American Historical Review 104 (February 1999),33-68. Citation

1999 Prize: Matti Bunzl, “Franz Boas and the Humboldtian Tradition: From Volksgeist and Nationalcharakter to an Anthropological Concept of Culture,” in George Stocking, ed., Volksgeist as Method and Ethic: Essay on Boasian Ethnography and the German Anthropological Tradition (History of Anthropology, vol. 8) (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1996):17-78. Citation

1997 Prize: Patrick J. Ryan, “Unnatural Selection: Intelligence Testing, Eugenics, and American Political Cultures,” Journal of Social History 30 (1997):669-685. Citation