Dissertation Prize

2020 Prize: Elizabeth O’Brien, “Intimate Interventions: The Cultural Politics of Reproductive Surgery in Mexico, 1790-1940,” University of Texas at Austin, 2019. Citation

2020 Honorable Mention: Travis Weisse, “Through Thick and Thin: Americans’ Trust in Dietary Experts (1945-2005),” University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2020. Citation.

2018 Prize: Adam Fulton Johnson, “Secretsharers: Intersecting Systems of Knowledge and the Politics of Documentation in Southwesternist Anthropology, 1880-1930,” University of Michigan. Citation

2018 Honorable Mention: Noortje Jacobs, University of Maastricht

2016 Prize: Whitney Laemmli, “The Choreography of Everyday Life: Rudolf Laban and the Making of Modern Movement,” University of Pennsylvania (2016). Citation

2014 Prize: Alexandra Bacopoulos-Viau, “Scripting the Mind: Automatic Writing in France, 1857-1930,” University of Cambridge, 2013. Citation

2014 Honorable Mention: Christine Manganaro, “Assimilating Hawai’i: Racial Science in a Colonial ‘Laboratory,’ 1919-1939,” University of Minnesota, 2012. Citation

2012 Prize: Perrin Selcer, “Patterns of Science: Developing Knowledge for a World Community at Unesco,” University of Pennsylvania, 2011. Citation

2010 Prize: Daniel B. Bouk, “The Science of Difference: Developing Tools for Discrimination in the American Life Insurance Industry, 1830-1930,” Princeton University, 2009. Citation

2008 Prize: Laura Stark, “Morality in Science: How Research is Evaluated in the Age of Human Subjects Regulation,” Princeton University, 2006. Citation

The 2006 Prize was jointly awarded. It went to:
Jamie Cohen-Cole, “Thinking About Thinking in Cold War America,” Princeton University, 2003. Citation

Dana Jean Simmons, “Minimal Frenchmen: Science and Standards of Living, 1840-1960,” University of Chicago, 2004. Citation

2004 Prize: Sarah E. Igo, “America Surveyed: The Making of a Social Scientific Public, 1920-1960,” Princeton University, 2001. Citation

2002 Prize: Richard Keller, “Action Psychologique: French psychiatry in colonial North Africa, 1900-1962,” Rutgers University, 2001. Citation

2000 Prize: Peder Anker, “Ecology of Nations: British Imperial Sciences of Nature, 1895-1945,” Harvard University, 1999. Citation

1998 Prize: Paul Lerner, “Hysterical Men: War, Neurosis, and German Mental Medicine, 1914-1921,” Columbia University, 1996. Citation

(1997, article prizes began, in alternate years)

1996 Prize: Richard Weikart, “Socialist Darwinism: Evolution in German Socialist Thought from Marx to Bernstein,” University of Iowa, 1994. Citation

1995 Prize: Lynette Schumaker, “The Lion in the Path: Fieldwork and Culture in the History of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 1937-1964,” University of Pennsylvania, 1994. Citation

1994 Prize: John Carson, “Talents, Intelligence, and the Construction of Human Difference in France and America, 1750-1920,” Princeton University, 1994. Citation